One of Australia’s pioneers in the digital world, Bliss Media specialises in digital strategy, user experience and online marketing for leading companies. As a results-focused agency, Bliss Media highly values working with companies that make a difference and drive growth. We were contracted by Bliss Media to lend our motion graphics expertise to their video ads, which showcase their outstanding clientele with the help of our animation work.

The Challenge

How can we tell brand stories through video and animation?


Bliss is all about happiness. Happiness with their work, with their clients and with their people. We ensured to prioritise this feeling by incorporating fun and slick movements throughout our animation work, from the welcoming greeting of their logo animation, to the way the graphics came out to play and perform on the screen. Their team’s contagious culture of happy relationships has shaped many of our values, making sure we didn’t sign off on the project without leaving a smile on their face!

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We engaged Clyde and Tom to assist with some video motion graphics. They were highly professional and very efficient. I have no hesitation recommending them. Thanks and keep up the great work guys!

- Phong Ho, Founder of Bliss Media

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