Scroll is a unique Australian ice creamery that handcrafts and mixes various fresh ingredients with ice cream on cold plates to create fun and delicious flavours. Before launching their funky stall in Melbourne’s Fashion Capital, Chadstone Shopping Centre, they needed some eye candy to make their brand personality more vibrant, as well as a proper strategy to maintain consistency across franchises.

The Challenge

How do we refresh a brand’s personality to strengthen consistency and connect with a larger audience?

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Scroll’s original branding was created to attract young teenagers when launching its new ice cream concept into the Australian market. After the announcement of a new store at Chadstone Shopping Centre, the expansion and transformation of Scroll brought about the need to enhance its appeal into a broader audience. We developed a more upmarket feel to the overall brand, while still keeping the fun and child-like spirit of Scroll alive. By incorporating simplified patterns of ingredients and sprinkles, we aimed to connect the journey of the mashed ingredients of the ice cream from the cold plate to the decorated finished cup in your hands.

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You can go to branding agencies all over the world, but if they don’t understand who you are or what you are as a business then how are you going to be able to build a brand? Working with Clyde and the team was like working with people who understood your business like a family. They make you feel like you’re part of the journey. Professionalism is always there and we always laugh, and that’s what I always love doing!

- Thin Neu, Director of Scroll Ice Cream

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